Sweet Potato Casserole (Vegan; Gluten, Dairy, & Refined Sugar Free!)

sweet potato casserole a mindful mantra

It’s Sweet Potato Saturday, y’all! If it were up to me, it’d be sweet potato day every day. I, simply, love sweet potatoes. With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, I’ve been making healthy versions of holiday favorites. And, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a decadent Sweet Potato Casserole.

The only issue with traditional sweet potato casserole is that it is loaded with dairy, sugar, and quite often loads of marshmallows. My sweet potato casserole abandons these traditional ingredients using coconut milk instead of dairy, just four tablespoons of honey for a sweetener, and a crunchy pecan topping instead of artificially-produced marshmallows. It’s a sweet treat to feel good about! Continue reading →

Simple Savvy Healthy Features A Mindful Mantra!

simple savvy healthy

I have some exciting news – A Mindful Mantra’s N’Oatmeal recipe has been featured in Simple Savvy Healthy, an EBook that is now available for download via Amazon! For the low intro price of $2.99, you can have access to over 80 recipes from some amazing recipe developers. All recipes are plant-based and dairy and gluten free. Simple Savvy Healthy is the perfect cookbook for vegans, vegetarians, and all my fellow gluten and dairy free friends! To get the scoop on all of the contributors, visit the Simple Savvy Healthy webpage.

If you are testing the waters of meat-free, dairy-free, and/or gluten-free eating this ebook is a great resource. It is also great for those looking to add variety to their mealtimes. With so many healthful, nutritious recipes, there is something for everyone.

Jessica Lauren DeBry, the creator of Simple Savvy Healthy, is a self-described “former corporate employee turned Wellness Entrepreneur.”  She is a Holistic Life & Health Coach living her life the Simple Savvy Healthy way: “simple plant-based recipes, savvy lifestyle design, and a healthy mind, body, and spirit.” To learn more about Jessica visit her at:  JessicaLaurenDeBry.com

As for me, I am flatter to have been asked to be a recipe contributor for this ebook. I hope you all enjoy!

From today until November 25th Simple Savvy Healthy will only cost $2.99. After November 25th the price will rise slightly – so get it while it’s hot! Pick up your copy today!

Why I do What I do – Taking Responsibility for Our Health & Well-Being


Image Creator: Phill Landry

Happy snowy (if you’re in the Northeast) Monday morning! I’ve decided to take a step back today and write about the reasons why I decided to launch A Mindful Mantra and dedicate my life to healthy, allergy-friendly eating. Whether I am writing about my latest recipe or a new mantra, there are several themes/concepts/thoughts that I try to keep in mind. One of these themes is that food, herbs, and nature are the best medicine. Together healthy food, eating for your individual body, herbs, and nature promote wellness and even treat disease.

Aside from these three things, I believe that a very important component of health and wellness is living consciously. The more responsibility we take for our own health, the healthier we will be. The more we learn about ourselves as individuals, the more positive interactions we will have with others. The more we listen to our guts and our hearts, the more focused our minds become. When we begin to live consciously, we start to create our own happiness. Continue reading →

Holiday Spice Tea

holiday spice tea a mindful mantra
What’s better on a cold winter morning than warm, soothing tea – Perhaps a house that smells of orange, berry, and cinnamon?! To me, there is nothing like waking up early on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning to the smell of delicious spices and warm berries and citrus. This Holiday Spice Tea is the perfect thing to simmer on the stove first thing on your holiday morning!

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Vanilla Coconut Cream for Coffee, Desserts, & More!

vanilla coconut cream a mindful mantra

Have you been searching for a dairy and soy free creamer for your morning cup of coffee? Do you desire a dairy-free, low-sugar cream to dallop on top of your baked goods? Has your smoothie routine hit a slump? Fear not, I have just the recipe for you! This Vanilla Coconut Cream is sweet, creamy, vanilla-y, and incredibly versatile. This simple 3 ingredient recipe has a subtle honey sweetness that pairs well with coffee, tea, pies, baked goods, smoothies, oatmeal, and more. The best part about this cream is that it has no additives other than the guar gum from the organic canned coconut. A decadent, delicious cream to feel good about! So, go ahead – treat yo’ self. Continue reading →