Yoga - A Mindful Mantra
It’s Monday evening and you’re dragging your tired butt to yoga class. You desperately need to take some time for self-care. Thirty minutes into class the teacher cues you into some crazy-looking arm balance. You struggle in and out of the posture, maybe you even take a nose-dive and face-plant […]

Fancy-Looking Yoga Postures Don’t Matter. Here’s Why…

5 Easy Ways to Have a Yeast Free Holiday Season
Your digestive issues have finally simmered down. No more mood swings, anxiety, or unsightly skin irritations. Your yeast infections have become a thing of the past. Then the holiday season sneaks upon you and before you know it you’re so bloated that you can’t button your fancy pants, you’re an […]

5 Easy Ways to Have a Yeast-Free Holiday Season (Goodbye ...

It is just over a month away from my 26th birthday, and I’m taking a moment to pause and get personal. Today we’re talking about yeast. If seeing the words vagina, digestive tract, flora, bacteria, poop, distention, and constipation are not what you have in mind for today – well, […]

Girl Talk: The Itch You Can’t Scratch

Body Love Coaching
It’s mid-November, all the leaves have fallen from the trees, the temperatures have dropped, and we’re all beginning to hunker down for winter. That’s why I’m shaking things up today with a Body Love Coaching giveaway! Five (that’s right five!) lucky A Mindful Mantra followers will win a one-on-one 60 minute […]

Giveaway: 5 Body Love Coaching Sessions!

Dream Big. Live Loud. Get Shit Done.
Happy Monday Morning! The start of a new week, and I’m making sure you start it off in the most magnificent of ways. Today, we’re talking about desire – what it is, why it matters, and why you are free to desire anything you want. I’ve been thinking a lot […]

I Desire to Dream Big, Live Loud, & Get Shit ...

Body Love Tribe
We’ve been conditioned by society, the media, and sometimes our friends and family to view our bodies as projects needing constant, continual work. We strive to fix this and change that, never completely satisfied with the bodies we’ve been blessed with. Because of this, it’s no wonder that so many […]

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