ModCloth proves bathing suits for all body types
Image Source: Daily Mail   Bathing suits for all body types – ModCloth, I love you.   The popular e-retailer, ModCloth just launched it’s new swimwear line revealing bathing suits for all body types. The swimwear is gorgeous. What’s even more gorgeous are the beauties sporting the swimsuits. The models […]

Bathing suits for all body types – This body positive ...

Love to dance? Body Love Dance Party.
  Are you one of those ladies who simply can’t resist a good dance party? You’re the first one out on the dance floor and the last one to leave. Beyonce’s Single Ladies comes on the speakers and, single or not, you’ve gotta bust a move so hard even Sasha […]

Love to dance? Wait til you see what I’ve been ...

Journaling & Meditation, do I have to?!
  Journaling and meditation, do I have to?! I hear this question from clients all the time. The short answer, no. The long answer – yes, but not in the way that you think.   I get it, I resisted these practices, too, when I first began inviting mindfulness into […]

Journaling and Meditation, Do I have to?!

6 Fun, Sweaty Ways to Love Your Body
  Skip the gym and not feel guilty about it. Unthinkable. A woman who skips the gym must spend the rest of the day feeling lazy, unproductive, and like a flabby piece of garbage. That’s how it goes.   Or, at least, that’s what I always thought. That’s all I […]

Skip the gym! 6 Fun, Sweaty Ways to Love Your ...

So, uhh, what do you do?
  Last weekend I was a presenter at the National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Walk in Burlington, VT. I taught some awesome Body Love YogaDance, led a meditation about tuning into our intuitions, and gave a speech about Body Love Tribe and my own journey with disordered eating. It was […]

So, uhh, what do you do?!

Reason Not to Attend the Body Love Retreat
  For those of you who are feeling financially stressed and money is keeping you from attending the Body Love Retreat, scroll down to save $534 (enough for the retreat plus some!) with the Body Love Retreat Budget Worksheet! Otherwise, if you need a good laugh, here are a few […]

6 Reasons Not to Attend the Body Love Retreat (Funny!)