Meditate to one of my favorite Sanskrit chants!

I love Sanskrit chants. They soothe my soul. They are beautiful and calming. I use them in almost every yoga class that I teach. They give the mind something to focus on as we rest in savasana and meditation. It can be so easy for the mind to wander and run through our to-lists as we rest in meditation. Chants give the mind something to do that is soothing, while still drawing our focus inward.

Today, I’m bringing you my favorite chant. In today’s video, I take you the Sanskrit and English translation of my favorite chant. I also explain why this chant means to much to me, and how I have chosen to interpret its meaning. Then, I will chant as you rest in savasana or seated meditation. You are more than welcome to chant along with me or simply drift into blissful meditation – do what feels best for you!

Om purnamada purnamidam
purnat purnamudachate
purnasaya purnamadaye
purnameva vashishate
Om shanti shanti shanti

All that is full. All this is full.
From fullness, fullness comes.
When fullness gives itself,
fullness still remains.

This is just one of the many meanings of this chant. There are other variations that replace the word full with: perfect, complete, whole, etc. Check out the video above to learn more about this chant, its beautiful meaning, and how to use chants for meditation!

Let’s Spend a little Happy Time Together

happy time a mindful mantra

Life gets hectic. It can get messy and busy and downright stressful. As I’ve mentioned before, we need to stop the madness and ban busy. Being busy is not cool, fun, nor impressive. It’s crappy and stressful.

However, I am here today to ask you to pencil in one more thing to your planner. Before you roll your eyes, let me explain. Too often we pack our schedules with tasks that we feel obligated to complete. We rarely schedule intentionally enjoyable activities for ourselves. We partake in joyful activities only if our annoyingly busy schedules allow. Enough is enough.

Let’s spend some happy time together.

Let’s be intentional in scheduling wildly, wonderfully, fun activities with those we love. Let’s intentionally schedule peaceful, enjoyable alone time. Find what makes you happy and schedule it into your life. Just as you wouldn’t miss that important meeting at work every Monday morning, don’t miss out on those things that make your heart smile.

This past weekend, I gave a long overdue presentation at Yoga Vermont where I completed my 200 teaching training and am currently pursuing my 500 hour training. For nearly a year I have been thinking about this presentation. I had a million ideas, but nothing seemed appropriate. Nothing seemed to express how deeply my life has been affected by this wonderful studio and all the wonderful people that practice there. Continue reading →

Burlington Yoga Conference Re-cap!

burlington yoga conference a mindful mantra

Have you ever been surrounded by people that make your soul happy? This past weekend I spent two glorious days at the Burlington Yoga Conference in Vermont surrounded by so many people that make my soul happy. We hugged and laughed and practiced yoga together. The support from other local business owners was more than I could have ever asked for. From my close friend and vendor table mate, Caitlin Pascucci of Sangha Studio, to business owners and yogis I had just met – the encouragement was incredible.

It was suddenly so clear – I have found my tribe.

I have participated in the Burlington Yoga Conference several times as an attendee, but this was my first experience tabling as a business vendor. A Mindful Mantra sold homemade home & beauty products and locally-printed Ganesh t-shirts from our partners at Unknown Arts. We also gave away free recipe cards and take-home Mantra Moments. There was lots of interest in this summer’s A Mindful Mantra Yoga & Wellness Retreat and all things A Mindful Mantra.

I feel so grateful to have been able to participate in the conference. Each face was a smiling one. Each soul was a blissful soul. Each conversation filled my whole body with joy.  Though I was beyond exhausted by the end of the conference, I truly didn’t want it to end. Continue reading →

BIG News! A Mindful Mantra Yoga and Wellness Retreat Registration is Open!

a mindful mantra yoga and wellness retreat

I’m coming at you with big, I repeat BIG news today. This summer I will be hosting the A Mindful Mantra Yoga and Wellness Retreat in gorgeous central Vermont. That’s right, I’m inviting you to join me in yoga, cooking, and pure joy in my own back yard…well, an hour or so from my back yard.

We’re combining all that A Mindful Mantra has to offer, packaging it up into a blissful retreat, and bringing it to you live and in person! Imagine – me, you, and an amazing group of love-filled wellness warriors in the mountains of Northfield, Vermont for 3 glorious days. We will practice yoga, cook delicious & healthy meals, meditate, create inspire journals, go for a dip in the near by swimming hole, hike beautiful trails, & dance by the glow of an outdoor fire to wrap up each day.

This will be the FIRST TIME EVER that A Mindful Mantra has combined cooking, yoga, and inspirational coaching into one extended session. There is no better way to close out your summer than with this love-filled, soul-soothing retreat.

Wondering what exactly we’ll be getting up to for a full weekend in the hills of Vermont? Here’s a sneak peek at the tentative schedule! Continue reading →

Meditation, You can’t do it wrong – Guided Meditation Video!

Last week I shared the first ever A Mindful Mantra Guided Meditation video featuring my favorite relaxation technique – the body scan. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, I am bringing you another guided meditation video today!

Relaxation. Ease. Reflection. Love.

This is what meditation is all about. Today’s video features the more traditional seated meditation, as opposed to last week’s savasana meditation. This video will help release anxiety, allowing you to find comfort in, the often intimidating, seated meditation posture. Continue reading →