4 Mantras to Change Your World

camel pose a mindful mantra

An intention, a mantra, a prayer – it doesn’t matter what call it, just call it.  Call it daily.  Refer to it every chance you get.  It will change your life.

I use the terms intentions and mantras interchangeably to describe short phrases that resonate with me, phrases that I choose to focus on often.  They can be as simple as, “Turn the lights off when you exit a room,” or as complex as, “Learn to love thyself.”  They are different for each person.  They are personal, powerful, and inspiring.

In my yoga classes I suggest that my students set an intention to lead them through each class.  I almost always share with them an intention that I have been working on, as well.  Today, I’m here to share the intentions that have had the biggest impact on my life.

1)      “Be what feels good.”

When I started repeating this intention over and over to myself, I never dreamed it would have brought such joy.  Simply being mindful about the way that something makes you feel is life changing.  If something inspires you and brings joy into your life, then be that thing, seek that thing, love that thing.  On the contrary, if something makes you feel upset, unsafe, and not well, then don’t be that thing.  Do your best to notice when something, someplace, or someone invokes negative emotion within you and be mindful and active about avoiding whatever that might have been.
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Spiced Date Rolls w/ Almond Butter & Chia

spiced date rolls a mindful mantra

I was going to simply call these “Date Rolls”, but they are so much more than your average store bought date rolls.  Most of the store-bought date rolls are made with chopped almonds as opposed to almond butter.  By subbing in almond butter, we get a creamy texture with a faint buttery flavor.  Using almond butter also helps keep date rolls moist, which isn’t always possible when using chopped almonds.  As for the topping, I knew I wanted something healthy and crunchy to pair with the usual shredded coconut in which date rolls are rolled.  Being that I am always looking for a way to sneak chia seeds into my recipes, I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to do so.  However, the date rolls still seemed too generic, I need something that set them apart from other date rolls.  That’s when I turned to my good friends cinnamon and cardamom.  These spices give the date rolls a unique and delicious flavor. I am obsessed :P Continue reading →

What I Bought Wednesday…

What I Bought Wednesday A Mindful Mantra

One of my favorite days of the week is grocery day.  I’m under the impression that most of America doesn’t like grocery day, in fact most people I’ve talked to hate grocery day.  Growing up my mom never once looked, nor sounded, thrilled to go to the market.  I, on the other hand, LOVE grocery day!  I take time before going to the market to look at recipes, dream up meals, and draft a grocery list.  I LOVE to read labels and check out new ingredients.  I do the majority of my shopping at our local co-op, City Market.  Though, I will head to Hannaford every now and then for some items.  Our local Hannaford has a fairly good organic produce and products in comparison to other supermarket chains.

After returning from the co-op this week, I was thinking, “How can I share my love of all these awesome weekly finds with my readers?”  That’s when I dreamed up “What I Bought Wednesday.”  Several Wednesdays a month I am going to highlight my finds from the market.  I will take the time to explain my reasoning for purchasing certain products, and how I plan to use them.  As an avid-blog reader, I always love when food bloggers give us a glimpse into their refrigerator/pantry.  This is my way of welcoming you into my kitchen, and to help spice up your grocery trips! Continue reading →

Homemade Flavored Water Infusions

homemade flavored water infusions

With spring at our front door and summer quickly approaching, we are constantly reminded to stay hydrated.  We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water (about half your body weight in ounces per day, more or less depending on location and activity level) is the perfect way to remain healthy and cleanse the body.  What many people don’t know much about is what to do if you’re a person who simply does not like drinking water.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard someone say that they do not like water.  As a girl who loves a cool glass of water, I’ve always been perplexed by this aversion.  When I first heard these complaints, I would get all up in arms about humans needing water to survive.  This got me nowhere.  In fact, it probably pissed some people off, but you live and you learn. Continue reading →

Quick & Easy Grain-Free Biscuits



You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging world recently.  I have even been posting less on Facebook and Twitter.  I didn’t really make a conscious effort to do so, but once I realized it was happening I took a minute to think about why it was happening.  I discovered something that I’m not quite sure I was ready to discover.

Several years ago when I started reading wellness blogs on a daily basis, I found them wildly refreshing and inspiring.  It opened my eyes to a world of holistic wellness that I never knew existed – organic foods, spices, herbs, yoga, yogic philosophy, etc.  It felt so great to have all these options, to be in control of my own health.  Then, something strange happened.  Reading these types of posts made me envious of the writers.  It seemed that they really had their shit together.  It gave me the impression that they didn’t have crappy days, and that they effortlessly followed their restrictive diets.  Ugh, it started to become so overwhelming!  It honestly started to make me feel like I was a twenty-something with a messy life and no willpower.  I started to feel not so good, and it only got worse. Continue reading →