The Surprising Secret to Improving Your Love Life – Radical Body Love

A Mindful Mantra - Secret To Improving Your Love Life
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So, your love life is not quite as blissful as you’d like it to be. Or, maybe, your love life is in the crapper. Perhaps, you feel like your love life is nonexistent. I hear this all the time from my coaching clients. But, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way, and you don’t need a romantic partner to start making the change. My secret to improving love lives – radical body love.

What is Body Love?

Body Love is your individual ability to love your body as it is today, without needing to change anything. Body Love is complete comfort in our own skin. Body Love goes beyond self-confidence, beyond physical beauty, to self-worth. Body Love is knowing that you and your body are worthy and deserving of love. Body Love is one amazing result of falling madly in love with ourselves. Continue reading →

Looking to Fall in Love with Your Body? My 6 Practices for Cultivating Radical Body Love

A Mindful Mantra - 6 practices for radical body love

Are you looking to fall madly in love with your body? Perhaps, you’re looking to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Or, maybe, you’re tired of viewing your body as a project that constantly needs work. Does this sound familiar? These are all things I spent nearly a decade desiring, only to have them evade me time and time again.

It wasn’t until I got serious about cultivating radical body love that I was able to finally fall in love with my body. Today, I’m bringing 6 powerful practices that helped me love my body in the most radical, blissful way.

My 6 Practices for Cultivating Radical Body Love

1. Get Naked…. Alone.

This one is big and scary, I know. It seems awkward, uncomfortable, and downright unbearable. I experienced all of these emotions and more the first time I got naked without the intent to take a shower, change my clothes, or share my nakedness with someone else. The shame, the guilt, and the disgust became very real, but I persisted. I didn’t give up. I got naked again, and again, and again. I got naked and looked at myself. I got naked and gave myself compliments. I got naked and sat with my nakedness for hours. Slowly over time, I began to fall madly in love with my body. I began to believe the compliments. I knew that, without a doubt, they were true. The shame was replaced with pride, the guilt with contentment, the disgust with radical body love. Simply by committing to honestly experience my naked being, I was able to build an intimate, loving relationship with myself. Continue reading →

Ushering in Autumn – Fall Recipe Round-Up!

kale salad roasted pumpkin a mindful mantra

It’s almost unbelievable, but it seems that Fall is here. It feels like I blinked and summer was over. In past years I have mourned the end of summer, but with the hot and humid weather we’ve been having, I am really looking forward to Fall. Of course I will miss the beach days, tank tops, flip flops, and drinks on the patio, but there are plenty of things about Fall that I love. Boots, sweaters, foliage, crisp and fresh air, and the fact that earthy colors are totally in season — I just love it!

There’s one more thing I adore about Fall – getting back in the kitchen. I always find it challenging to set aside time to prepare home-cooked meals during the summer months. Some days it’s simply too hot to even turn on the oven, and on warm and comfortable days I just want to be outside soaking it all in. When Fall flows back into town with the cooler weather and shorter days, I find such peace and comfort in the kitchen. Continue reading →

Your Free E-Book is Here – 5 Easy Steps to Start Living Your Dream Life! And $100 Off Inspired Life Program!

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You’re feeling stuck – perhaps unfulfilled by climbing the corporate ladder and restricted by your pantsuit and pantyhose. You feel as though you don’t fit into society’s perception of success. You’re overworked, stressed out, and constantly rushing from one obligation to the next. There’s no time for relaxation or healthy meals. You feel as if you’re not living to your full potential.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is another way.

It’s risky. It takes courage and determination – but, hey, that’s never scared you before.

What if I told you that you could trade all of this for freedom, ease, and pure authentic bliss? I know, 5 years ago I wouldn’t have believe my either, but it’s absolutely true. You can have all of this and more. You can live your dream life. You owe it to yourself to try.

How am I so certain that you can live your dream life? Because I’ve got a dream life strategy that works. A strategy developed from my own experiences – all the ups, the downs, and the lessons learned. It wasn’t an easy journey, but using these techniques I have been able to start living my dream life. Continue reading →

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Free Inspire Sessions - A Mindful Mantra

As you might know, A Mindful Mantra has A LOT of new offerings – Inspired Life 30 day program, The Goddess Cleanse, Inspire SessionsBody Love Yoga, and Skype Yoga. I am so super excited about all of these ways that you and I can work together. I’ve poured my heart and soul into these programs, and love sharing my passion with you.

With all the new offerings you might be left asking yourself, “which is the best program for me?” That is a great question. My honest answer is that I don’t know just yet, but we can change that. I personally invite you to access your FREE 20 minute Inspire Session with me. In just 20 minutes via phone or Skype, we can get clear on your vision of ultimate wellness. We will discover your soul desires and create a plan of action so that you don’t have to wait another day to begin living your dream life. We will get oh so clear on exactly how you want to feel each and every day and set goals from this feel-good place. This session will be honest, eye-opening, and soul-soothing.

The aim of each FREE Inspire Session is to:

  • Get clear on exactly how you want to feel in life, love, work, and more
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  • Set goals with soul
  • Harness what IS working to overpower what isn’t
  • Create a feel-good plan of action

If your ultimate wellness vision and plan of action includes working with me, 20 minutes is all I need to be able to direct you to the A Mindful Mantra program that will rock your world.

Do you have 20 minutes to start creating your dream life?

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