Meditation, You can’t do it wrong – Guided Meditation Video!

Last week I shared the first ever A Mindful Mantra Guided Meditation video featuring my favorite relaxation technique – the body scan. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, I am bringing you another guided meditation video today!

Relaxation. Ease. Reflection. Love.

This is what meditation is all about. Today’s video features the more traditional seated meditation, as opposed to last week’s savasana meditation. This video will help release anxiety, allowing you to find comfort in, the often intimidating, seated meditation posture. Continue reading →

Butternut Squash Soup with Carrot & Ginger

butternut squash soup a mindful mantra

As you may know the Northeast has been getting pummeled with snow storms weeks of below freezing temperatures. Just the other day it was -19 with a wind chill factor of -30! It has been the coldest winter in Vermont since I moved here in 2008.  In an effort to stay warm and not let the chilly temps get me down, I’ve been making soup – lots of soup. Today I’m bringing you one of my winter favorites – Butternut Squash Soup with Carrot & Ginger.

I recently had a similar soup at the local co-op in town. Their version was simply carrot ginger soup. While I love carrots, I thought it needed a little more flavor and a spicy kick. So I bought myself some squash and got to work in the kitchen. Butternut squash is great for warm winter soups, and it stores well making it readily available straight through winter.

I grew up eating butternut squash. My mom absolutely loves it. Every now and then there is a big batch of mashed squash in her refrigerator. Though, she has informed me that it’s a lot more challenging to finish the whole batch when I’m not around – Guilty! Growing up I always ate mashed squash (which my mom prepares wonderfully), but it wasn’t until college that I had butternut squash soup. It is simply amazing.  It’s so rich, creamy, and vibrant – I just love it! Continue reading →

Guided Meditation and Relaxing Body Scan Video – from my studio to your home!

I am so excited to bring you the first A Mindful Mantra video this week! For so long I was intimidated by meditation. I would sit cross-legged, my thoughts would race, and I would get super antsy and frustrated. After about 10 minutes I would get up feeling defeated and very unspiritual. That is, until the day that my teacher gave the most amazing advice.

She told me to make meditation my own, to make it work for me.

I started meditating in savasana, and fell in love. This guided meditation video shows one of my favorite meditation and relaxation techniques – the body scan.

I was first introduced to body scans while in college when I was suffering with debilitating anxiety. At the time, I attended mindfulness classes to help alleviate my anxiety symptoms. During a particularly memorable class our teacher led us through a body scan, and I have been practicing them ever since. They have helped me become more in-tune with my body and slow my thoughts. Continue reading →

It’s Time to Ban Busy! #banbusy

When did it become cool to be busy? Busy-ness has become the new status quo. It’s associated with clout, prestige, and success. Everyone is packing their schedules and leading their ever-so-fashionable, busy lives.

Well, that’s a bunch of crap.

Being busy is not only uncool and unfun, it’s downright stressful. In fact, it can be debilitating. Ever had a day when you wake up at 5am, go for an hour-long run, shower and leave for work by 7am, power through your hectic, caffeinated 8 hour work day, attend after work meetings to network with other busy people, return home [insert the mountain of home duties that has been waiting for you all day], and go to bed admittedly a little too late to do it all again the next day?

Yeah, I’ve been there too, and it’s miserably stressful. How do we change this cycle? We join together and support one another to Ban Busy. We start saying “no”…a lot.

Continue reading →

Mango Coconut Rice with Honey & Lime

mango coconut rice

Now that we’ve officially passed the half-way point of winter (finally!), my brain is all kinds of ready for spring. This is the second time in the last month that I’ve made this Mango Coconut Rice with honey and lime, and it never ceases to bring lovely thoughts of warm summer sunshine into my mind. There’s something about mango, lime, and coconut that reminds me of spending time poolside. Summer, oh, how I love thee.

Despite my whole entire body yearning for the warmth of summer, I’ve actually managed, at least thus far, to avoid my yearly bout of seasonal depression. Generally by the time February and March arrive, I’m so sun and warmth deprived that my whole body falls into a prolonged state of sadness. Well, not this year! Recipes such as this mango coconut rice dish have been great at inviting a bit of summer into this chilly, snowy winter – which I’m almost positive has contributed to keeping my spirits up.

This dish is an enticing balance of creamy coconut and sweet fruit and honey. It’s soothing and oddly exciting. The coconut, mango, and lime create visions of sandy beaches, warm rays of sunshine, and delightful summer days. It has become my go-to winter pick-me-up. I don’t know where I’d be without it this winter! Continue reading →