Be What Feels Good…

Astavakrasana in the snow, on a cliff, with the lake as my backdrop.                   So good.
*Photo Credit – Lauren Rudick

“Be what feels good.”

I love this mantra.  It’s so simple, but so incredibly life-changing.  When I read this quote, I was like “Yup, I’m going to do that.  I’m going to be what feels good.”  Lately, I’ve been mindful of being, or doing, what feels good.  Anything that doesn’t feel good I try not to do it, if at all possible.  It’s been merely a shift in focus.  I’ve started to change my thoughts, and I’m definitely starting to change my world.  I can feel myself becoming more relaxed and playful.  It’s pretty awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, I have times when I feel so completely overwhelmed with starting my own business, beginning to teach yoga, coordinating the Rogue Yoga series, yoga teacher training, finding time for my personal yoga practice, spending quality time with my boyfriend, being a good daughter/sister/friend…well you get the idea.  I could focus on all of these things  at once, or I can be and do what feels good – whatever that is for the present moment.  For this present moment, what feels good is staying up a bit too late so that I can write for all of my amazing readers (that’s you!).

Warrior 1 in the sunshine. Bliss.
*Photo credit – Lauren Rudick

This weekend, I totally did what felt good.  It started off rocky, but once I came back to this mantra it proved to be an amazing two days.  On Saturday, I had to leave my sleeping boyfriend, whom I rarely get to spend time with, to go to my yoga teacher training.  I was torn.  I really wanted to be at training, but I also really wanted to be snuggled up next to Phill.  In the end, I went to training for a few hours.  I had a really great practice, did amazing handstands, and then I left 3 hours early to come home and be with Phill.  It was a compromise that felt so good.

Handstand in a treehouse. I mean, does it even get any better?! #handstand365
*Photo Credit – Lauren Rudick

Then, Saturday afternoon the amazing Lauren Rudick came to town.  I had never met her before this weekend, but she is such an inspiration.  We hiked around the snowy, waterfront park chatting and snapping impromptu yoga photos.  Warm spring-like weather, outdoor yoga, a new friend – I seriously couldn’t have asked for a nicer Saturday.  That evening Phill and I went out to dinner with two of our friends.  I don’t have a cool smartphone or else I would’ve posted photos of my dinner, but I had a burger with a fried egg, bacon, kimchi, house-made pickes, sauteed kale, and a side salad.  It was the best meal I’ve had in a long time!  Then, we went back to our friends’ apartment and played Catch Phrase for hours.  If you’ve never heard of this game, I HIGHLY recommend looking into it.  We laughed until we cried.  It was blissful.

Splits in a treehouse. Being a grown-up rocks, when you let it 😛
*Photo Credit – Lauren Rudick

Just went I thought my weekend couldn’t get any better, Sunday came.  Phill and I got to sleep it. It was heaven.  My new 5am wake up call for a waitressing job that I took has been brutal.  Sleeping in is probably my new favorite past-time.  Then, we ran some errands and decided to take a walk on the waterfront.  While down there we ran into Caitlin from Sangha Studio, aka the yoga-love-of-my-life, and her boyfriend.  Mid-day chat with friends, felt sooo good.  THEN, I taught my new power yoga class at Sangha Studio.  It was a sweaty, dancing, music and handstand filled class.  It was so fun.

When you let it be, life is seriously so fun.

So, let it be.  Let everything be.  Let life be fun.  Be what feels good.  I love you.


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2 thoughts on “Be What Feels Good…

  • Collen

    Brandy, what an awesome post. I love it. This is a great mantra – Be what feels good. So simple but so hard for so many of us to do. Because of your inspiration, I really want to do this for myself. I deserve it! :) I’m so happy you’re becoming relaxed. I love you! <3