Watermelon Margarita – The Ultimate Summer Refresher!

watermelon margarita

Is it just me or are alcoholic beverages colder and more refreshing in the heat of summer?! Whether it’s after a long day at the office or relaxing by the beach, drinks are in order.  Cold beers, chilled white wine, and margaritas – oh the margaritas!  Last week when I arrived at the local farm to pick up my CSA I was greeted by bins upon bins of watermelon.  It was divine.  I instantly knew what my next recipe would be – watermelon margarita!

My summer CSA has been amazing thus far. I highly recommend investing in a CSA/Farm Share. It seems like a costly investment, but we’re only half way through the season and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth and more. I’ve taken home 6 squashes, 8 tomatoes, 1/4 lb of salad greens, a bunch of kale, root veggies, corn, two melons, fresh picked flowers, and 4 bunches of herbs fresh picked from the farm – and that’s all for one week.  I get this much food each week! It’s simply the best!  I never dreamed that I would be taking home one watermelon per week for nearly a month straight thus far.  I HAD to share my watermelon bounty with you all!

Once I returned home from my CSA trip and bit into a few pieces of sweet, juicy, dripping watermelon, I got down to work.  Vibrant pink watermelon, tart lemons and limes, and smoky tequila make this watermelon margarita the perfect summertime refresher.

watermelon margarita

Watermelon Margarita

Serves: 5 cups


4 cups chopped watermelon (these can be generous heaping cups!)
1 1/2 lemons, juiced
1 1/2 limes, juiced
5 shots of tequila
6 ice cubes


Add watermelon, lemon juice, lime juice, and tequila to a blender.  Blend until watermelon is completely pureed. Then add in ice cubes, pulse to crush cubes.  Final mixture should be slightly slushy.  Pour into a jar, garnish with slices of lemon and lime, and chill on out!

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