Living Consciously

living consciously

Photo Credit – Phill Landry

If you’ve ever met me, you know that I do a lot of things. My schedule is packed.  If you’ve met me, you’ve also heard me complain about my hectic schedule. This is me saying “I’m sorry.”  In some crazy, beautiful, perfectly “me” kind of way – I love this hectic life of mine, despite all the complaining and frequent tardiness. It is so me. It is fabulous and ambitious and completely, perfectly insane. Many would call my life chaotic. Heck, I call my life chaotic sometimes, but in reality my life is blissful.

It’s often challenging to see how blessed our lives our when we are constantly on the go.  This I know.  It’s honestly not a matter of having shitty, chaotic lives. It’s a matter of how we’re looking at, and analyzing, our lives. Half of my answer to this is – stop analyzing, complaining, and worrying and get out there and live your gorgeous life. Be so mother-freaking, fantastically alive. The other half of my answer to this is another call to action, but a much more cautious and challenging one.  My answer is to Live Consciously. This is a concept that I am working on that is so much more than this one post, but I can’t keep it from you any longer.

living consciously

Notice the little things… Photo Credit – Phill Landry

What does it mean to live consciously?

Answer one – you tell me! No, seriously, write down what it means to you.  Keep that note and live by it. Never let go of your definition. It speaks truer to you than my words ever could. Use my definition as guidance and reflection upon your own definition.

Answer two – here’s what I think. To live consciously is such a glorious, confusing, challenging concept, but it’s the motherload.  It’s the jackpot. It’s the key to blissful living.

We live in an unconscious society – unconscious to all that is taking place around us. The good news is that we are living in a time when people are starting to take note of our unconscious state and are trying to change it – to shake it up – to wake it up! You can change it. I can change it. We all can change it. But, we have to start with ourselves.

Stop simply “going through the motions of your days.” Stop “living for the weekends”. Stop working tirelessly without passion. Find your passion. Follow your bliss.

Stop having a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your DVR/TiVo/Television than with your family. And, most importantly, stop putting yourself last. Don’t put yourself down or neglect your own desires. Be your biggest fan, it will help you be a cheerleader to those around you. Love yourself, it will help you love others.

There’s so much more to this concept. This is really just a teaser. (Hint – Like I said, this is so much bigger than a blog post.) Start living consciously today.

living consciously

Here’s some quick, simply ways to start living consciously:

– Do a cartwheel.  It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just try!

– Walk barefoot in the grass

– Run in the rain. Yes, you, you’re never too old to be playful.

– Hug someone, maybe for longer than usual.

– Tell your mom/dad/sister/brother/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend that you love them

– Notice more, speak less.


…What are some things that you are already doing to to live consciously?!

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4 thoughts on “Living Consciously

  • J Reynolds

    To Brandy, My Sweets, My Sunshine, I love you BIG!!! I try to get out of everyday all that I can. For me that means being around my family, starting with Jerry, my kids and grandkids. NOTHING brings me more pleasure then being with one or all of them. I never get tied of having them around. That is saying a lot as they all live right next door to me(except for one). LOVE THAT!! We live in the country and have for years, bur every time I see a deer, a rabbit, etc I will watch them until they go out of sight. They are beautiful. I keep my window open at night, not for fresh air but to hear sounds of life right outside my window . . . crickets, tree frogs, trains in the far off distance, or see the moon shining in my room, lightening bugs flying passed. Life is good, live it!!

  • Collen

    I love you Brandy! That is one way I live consciously. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell the ones I love that I love them. At least once a day I do something nice for me. A piece of chocolate, a jack and coke, maybe go to bed early or leave the dryer off and just listen to the silence in the house, the birds chirping and the peepers peeping. I disconnect from negative people and places. I joined the gym, eat better, I feel better than I have in years. Even through everyday routine, I try to live every day with meaning. I’m working on living every day as if it may be my last. That’s a tough one, with so many responsibilities. But I’m working on it. Each night before bed, I look out at the moon and stars. I say prayers for all my loved ones and friends – and myself. All these things make me a healthier happier person which makes me a better mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, person. Live well, love much, laugh often! :)
    Love Mom xoxo

    • Post author

      I love you too! I hear ya on the piece of chocolate and enjoying the moon and evening air – I love those things too!